METALUX-bis (formerly METALUX) has been in existence for almost half a century. It manufactures various accessories for frame and picture producers and for producers of regional cassette products. In earlier times, construction fittings were also produced on a larger scale. Thanks to having our own tooling facilities and experienced staff, we can produce all kinds of elements for the above industries according to the individual needs of the recipients. We also deal with the production of machines and devices supporting the manufacturing that our clients take part in.

The group of our clients includes the majority of Polish producers of frames and paintings and many craft carpentry workshops from the cassette industry. We also supply producers and shops with wooden and decoupage products. We export our finished goods to customers outside Poland (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine). Thanks to competitive prices and good quality of products, we can proudly say that there is a large base of customers who have been satisfied with our services.